Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT

CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy at The Mindset Clinic, Watford, Hertfordshire.


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is often recommended for stress, anxiety and depression. But in our opinion there are more effective techniques that can and should be used before CBT for these conditions.


Cognitive behavioural therapy addresses conscious behaviour and thoughts rather than that which is unconscious. Many people are not able to rationalise their problem or behaviour when they first seek help. They are aware they have a problem and some may be aware of what triggers it but they are unable to stop the reaction of going into the flight or fight response because they do it unconsciously. The Mindset Clinic uses combination of techniques that communicate with the unconscious mind to deactivate the triggers. Once that has been done then CBT is a useful technique to teach clients so they can self-manage future situations.


CBT is great when used to help people reframe their problems to enable them to see things from new perspectives. The added distance gives them room to reflect on other possibilities and other outcomes so it can be very effective when used within coaching for example or to help breakdown negative thought patterns. At The Mindset Clinic we use a blend of techniques tailored to the individual so you receive a bespoke treatment plan that’s right for you. You’ll see quicker results which means you are likely to need less sessions.

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