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At the Mindset Clinic we are often asked to help with confidence building. Lack of confidence effects both children and adults. If, as a child, you don’t learn to bounce back from knock backs, rejection and failures the chances are as an adult you will be held back by limiting decisions and unhelpful negative beliefs about what you can achieve and deserve.

Fear of Failure

Sometimes those who appear outwardly confident feel crippled inside with self-doubt and fear of failure and this holds them back from achieving. Often we meet people who are so scared of failure or rejection that they won’t allow themselves to even consider a brighter future. Sadly they’d rather live with the disappointment of not trying than risk the possibility of not achieving, until they come to see us.

Do you ever say or think any of the following?:-
  • “I feel inferior to most people.”
  • “I can’t let myself go.”
  • “I go all tongue tied in social situations.”
  • “I can’t engage in witty banter.”
  • “I wish I could be more confident around men/women.”
  • “I can’t think on my feet.”
  • “I find any form of public speaking really difficult”
  • “I feel embarrassed when people look at me.”
  • “I’m too scared to ask for a pay rise.”
  • “I wish I could stop worrying about what everyone thinks of me.”
Do you ever talk yourself out of taking action by coming up with lots of very good reasons why you can’t do something or why something didn’t work out? Do you hear yourself say or think:– 
  • “It wasn’t the right time”
  • “I could never do that”
  • “It’s alright for him he’s… “
  • “I don’t have enough money”
  • “People like me don’t deserve it”
  • “I will do it later when I have more time”
  • “It wouldn’t work for me”
  • “I could have done it if I’d really wanted to”
  • “That’s because I’m shy/nervous/fat/female/no good at…
  • “Yes but…”

We call these very good excuses!

If you are fed up with coming up with very good excuses then take heart. We love helping people, whatever their age, achieve their true potential and we can help you change your negative attitude to enable you to get more from life.*

At the Mindset Clinic we teach people how to think, feel and behave more confidently. We will teach you easy to use techniques and bust any negative or limiting beliefs you have about achieving success. Through the use of hypnosis and NLP we will deactivate your self-sabotaging thoughts and habits, enabling you to create, visualise and achieve your goals.

The first step to gaining more confidence is a change of mindset. Start viewing mistakes, errors and failures as valuable learnings and feedback. Your potential is limited only by your view on what you think you are capable of achieving. If you have got into the habit of negative thinking employing the use of conscious willpower alone will be difficult. We can help shift the negative thinking to make way for more helpful thought processing.  Take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you build your confidence. Get in touch now!

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