The Mindset Clinic has helped lots of people overcome their fears, phobias, bad habits, confidence issues and anxieties. It always gives us great pleasure when we hear how pleased people are with the results they achieve. It gives us even more pleasure when they are keen to share their experiences to help others who may be hesitant about seeking help. All of these are genuine testimonials but for privacy some names have been abbreviated or changed.* Here are just a few testimonials from some of our clients:

Elivia came to The Mindset Clinic to overcome a fear of needles

SO, I was recommended to see Rebecca by a friend of mine, who told me she got over her fear of needles after 2 sessions… so I thought, what have I got to lose? I’ve have had SO much therapy in my life, and saw a hypnotherapist last year who was so awful (I wasted so much money…) so I was so skeptical. However as soon I entered the room of Rebecca’s clinic, I really related to Rebecca, who has also been through health anxiety just like me.
I felt if she had come through the other side of this, I can too.

Rebecca started off using a mix of NLP and hypnotherapy to address past trauma, initially I was so anxious and nearly had a panic attack but after seeing the experiences in a new light using NLP techniques, such as being in space before I was born, looking over my timeline of past traumatic situations, I felt the anxiety slowly fade away.

Rebecca not only uses incredible techniques, but you can tell her passion for what she does shines through. There is such a difference between someone who just wants money and follows the text books in therapy sessions vs someone like Rebecca, who has been through what I have and genuinely cares and wants to help. I can always tell how genuine and passionate someone is when the session runs over and they don’t care because they just want to help.

In the second session we went over methods that help you rethink pain, I learnt the art of ho’oponopono… an ancient Hawaiian practise whereby you talk to your pain and tell your body that it’s okay. It all sounded silly at first but I’ve been doing it ever since and it really helps. I’ve recently had situations with my health that would usually set off my anxiety, but since therapy, I’ve dealt with the scenarios so much better than I ever would in the past. I also don’t have a pit in my stomach when I think of needles and blood tests, I was so so fearful of pregnancy due to the fear of being poked and prodded and passing out. I now feel so much more calm about it all. Recommend her 100000%!

Elivia Trup, Hertfordshire

Help to improve Mindset at The Mindset Clinic

I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services as she has an amazing array of techniques to support whatever shift in mindset you would like to make. I completed a session with Rebecca, as did a family member, and the results were incredible.

Angela, Lancashire


Needle Phobia Treatment at The Mindset Clinic

Hi Rebecca
Thought you’d like to know I went and got jabbed on Monday down at Asdas. Straight in, no fuss. My wife was waiting for me to pass out and she still cant believe after 40 years my fear of needles has gone. I can even watch her do her insulin jabs now. Amazing, not sure how you do it but I don’t care! Wished Id come years ago.

Take care love


Derek, Watford, Hertfordshire



Needle Phobia Treatment at The Mindset Clinic

Dear Rebecca
Just a little note to say a big thank you to you for helping me last month. My letter for my Covid jab arrived a couple of days after the session and I felt so calm as I opened it. Well, yesterday I had my jab! I kept in mind everything you said and I was so calm. I kept expecting my phobia to kick in but there was no reaction! I felt so relieved I had a big sleep afterwards which I think must be because of all the stress I’d built up in my mind. I’ll be in touch about my fear of flying when we are able to travel again!
kind regards



Sonia, Watford Hertfordshire



The Mindset Clinic helped DV to stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Dear Rebecca
Hope you are doing great.
Apologies I haven’t written to you earlier. I am so happy to let you know that I can confidently say that after 5 months of not touching a cigarette, I am finally smoke free.  I feel great and quite confident now that I have  managed to kick the butt!!! Literally 😉
Thank you so much for your help on making the impossible possible. This has truly been life changing for me. I feel like I have a new lease of life and have never felt more healthy and energetic. I would highly recommend you and am now convincing my husband to follow my steps 🙂

Will keep you  posted.



DV, Abbots Langley



Matt was deeply unhappy with a number of areas in his life.

A back injury had left him in a lot of physical pain.  He was on medication for anxiety and depression. Matt felt stuck in his professional life and was spending a lot of time away from his young family which left him feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. He was also concerned about his weight. He approached The Mindset Clinic as he felt he had no clarity for a viable and fulfilling future.


Hello Rebecca

You may not remember me, but it’s a year to the day that we last spoke. I just wanted to let you know that I am much improved over the last 12 months, and to thank you again for your help in getting me here.

Key achievements include back surgery, 3 stone weight loss, rekindled hobbies and I will be starting work back in in my home town as of next month.

I hope you and your family are doing well and I truly wish you all the best for the New Year.

Best regards,


Matt, Milton Keynes



Vicky Beat Depression and Stopped Self Harming.

Rebecca has quite literally helped me to transform my life. When I went to meet her I was feeling desperate. I wanted help to beat depression and was self harming. I had taken an overdose and I was in a very dark place. I had lost all hope of ever getting better. I had seen several other therapists and had 12 sessions of CBT that hadn’t helped when my Mum approached Rebecca.  She helped me to understand why I was depressed and how to stop it. After the first session I started to notice a massive change in my mood. My mum and friends started to notice I was smiling and laughing more.

Rebecca explains everything in a way that just makes total sense. She literally taught me how to re-think, and what to do if I start to feel low. I am still amazed at how quickly she was able to help me.  I went for 2 sessions. I now find it actually really difficult to feel down for any length of time! She doesn’t judge and she is really kind and caring. I am now off all medication and am back at work.*

Thank you Rebecca. You’re an amazing lady. I can’t thank you enough.


Vicky, Watford



Darren wanted a natural approach to help stop panic attacks and anxiety.

I’d been to see my GP as I had been experiencing panic attacks and was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. He prescribed me anti-depressants but I wasn’t comfortable taking them. I was a bit worried about seeing a hypnotherapist but a friend of mine had been to see Rebecca at The Mindset Clinic to get over his fear of flying and it had worked for him so I thought there might be something in it!

The first session with Rebecca was  brilliant. She managed to calm me down and I walked out the session literally like I was a new man. She taught me so much about anxiety, and a lot of it contradicted what I had read or believed. I’m not sure if that is part of how it all works or not but safe to say I haven’t had a panic attack since and its been nearly 3 months now since my last session.*

If you are having doubts about whether it could work for you I’d say give it a go! Thanks Rebecca.

Darren, Garston 



Hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety and fear of sleep helped A.M

After suffering with anxiety in regard to falling asleep for a number of days, especially before exams, I decided to seek help. Rebecca was extremely kind and supportive. We had a telephone consultation before our appointment and this put me at ease as I was very unsure as to whether hypnotherapy would actually work for me. The session was fantastic and we explored a number of techniques which I could take away with me and use at home. I wanted to avoid medication as much as possible and this was the ideal solution. I am now able to control my anxiety and no longer suffer with extreme fear before going to sleep. I have had many great nights of sleep since! Thank you, Rebecca!*

A.M, Hertfordshire



Richard used hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Hi Rebecca

I was driving past the clinic the other day on the way to visit my cousin and thought I’d drop you a note to say I haven’t touched a cigarette since my session with you nearly 4 months ago now. Several people have offered me cigarettes and I absolutely love it when I say “No, thanks I don’t smoke anymore”. I even took part in a fun run with my little lad the other week, no panting or wheezing. It’s been amazing that there have been no side effects.*  Thank you very much indeed.

All the best

Richard D.

Richard D, High Wycombe



N.P wanted relief from Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Dear Rebecca,

I just wanted to write to let you know that I am feeling so much better since I saw you. My anxiety levels have reduced massively and I haven’t had any more panic attacks. I won’t lie, I was really sceptical about coming to see you especially after seeing people who have been hypnotised make fools of themselves on telly!!!  I was hugely relieved after I spoke to you on the phone and really reassured when I actually met you. You are so down to earth and approachable and it was reassuring to meet someone who has managed to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. You made me feel so at ease and I can’t thank you enough for all the help and kindness you showed me.  I’ve been recommending you to all my friends as soon as they say they have something that I know you can treat!! I think they are a bit fed up with me raving on but I genuinely can’t thank you enough for all you have done. I am looking forward to starting the coaching sessions with you next week to build up my confidence and self-esteem. There’s no stopping me now !

Thanks again Rebecca, you have already made a massive impact on my life and I’m soooo excited about the future.*

Best wishes,



N.P, Bushey, Hertfordshire



Dawn overcame a 30 year old flying phobia

Dear Rebecca

For someone who has been petrified of Flying for 30 years, I still cant quite believe that, after my meeting with you I recently took a flight with no anxiety, fear, or worry at all??

It was just such an amazing feeling to be relaxed with my family and the holiday was able to start as soon as we left the house, not when we had landed!!!

I would highly recommend you and thank you once again.*

Dawn W xx

Dawn, Wiltshire



L.J’s teenage son overcame  a fear of flying and lifts

Hi Rebecca,

Just returned from Valencia!! Our son did manage to fly with us!  He was very quiet on the flight and he kept himself occupied with a film he’d downloaded..as well as travel sickness tablets and sweets to chew on!!

He also managed to use the lift in the hotel.  We were on the 7th floor.To start with, the first couple of days, he used the stairs and then he tried 1-2 floors and walked the rest.  The lift did have one glass side. He did manage the 7 floors on the last couple of days.

So a successful holiday!   Many thanks for all your advice, the exercises and suggestions. We did have some turbulence on the way home today!

Thanks so much.*

L.J, Watford



P.S. Northwood – had a lifelong needle phobia

I have always had a phobia about needles, injections and blood tests.  Attending such appointments at my GP surgery or a hospital has been a very anxious time for me with loss of sleep, stress and discomfort leading up to the event, and faint feeling and occasional fainting during or after the event.

I phoned Rebecca at The Mindset Clinic, somewhat skeptical about hypnotherapy working for me, but she was very encouraging, and supportive, and made me feel very comfortable about booking an appointment.  Rebecca sent me some “homework” – a couple of questionnaires to complete and return – and I actually found filling them in quite cathartic.  It was the first time I had really had to face my phobia in that way.

Our subsequent 2-hour appointment went very well and I felt very good about everything afterwards.  I knew that the real test would come when I had to have a blood test.  One surprising and immediate outcome of my appointment was that a very sensitive scar on my hand, the result of an injury 45 years ago, was no longer sensitive to touch

Before my appointment Rebecca asked how I wanted to feel before, during and after a blood test.  I told her that I wanted blood tests to be “non events”, just routine events I could take in my stride in a positive and comfortable frame of mind.  I called Rebecca after I had my blood test.  I said “there’s nothing to tell you”. She asked why, had I not been for the blood test?  I told her that I had been, but that there was nothing to tell because it truly was a non-event.  The best observation was not mine but my wife’s.  She said that when I came out from the blood test I was my normal, everyday colour – not white faced as previously after such a test.  I felt very positive.  I was calm before, during and after the test.

Now, days later, I still feel good about my former needle phobia and also that my scar is no longer sensitive.  I know that I can face blood tests and other needles without fear.

I would definitely recommend that anyone with a phobia should take that first step by phoning Rebecca.*

PS, Northwood



SC from St Albans overcame a fear of flying in one session with hypnosis

Dear Rebecca,

I managed the flight really well and I really enjoyed the holiday. I am now looking forward to going to new places!

I do not know how it worked but I was so relaxed during the flight, very happy and cheerful.*

Thank you!


SC, St Albans


ST, wanted help with weight loss and bereavement

Dear Rebecca,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!  Truth is, I have been chewing over what to write by way of recommendation & my problem is that your help has been so all encompassing, I don’t know where to start (or finish) without it sounding like my life story!

So, then I thought about what I actually say to friends if I get the opportunity to talk about what you have done for me…

The truth is that my sessions with you have been, quite literally, life changing & the most worthwhile investment I have ever made.  I cannot thank you enough.*

ST, Rickmansworth 


11 year old boy overcame his fear of being sick (emetophobia)

We approached Rebecca in order to help our 11 year old son overcome his sickness phobia. From the outset Rebecca was understanding, reassuring and confident she could help. The process was relaxed but very professional and the results were remarkable! After 2 sessions his mindset has completely changed whereby he is no longer worried and has overcome his fear. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rebecca.*

Carl, Kings Langley


B, used hypnosis to reduce her high blood pressure

Nearly a year ago just after my 69th birthday I had a serious health event due to extremely high blood pressure.  I was put on 2 medications but really wanted to reduce them and take control. I approached Rebecca at The Mindset Clinic. As I spend a lot of time oversees I was unable to visit Rebecca personally so she created a visualisation recording for me to reduce my blood pressure. Her calm voice taking me on a journey is something I look forward to for relaxation and time out. I check my blood pressure before and after listening to the download and always record a reduction. My ability to take control has also led me to achieving long overdue weight loss which is continuing.  I feel empowered and have already been able to reduce my medication.  I can now look forward to a healthier 70th birthday.*

B, Spain


Claire gained relief from tinnitus

“I came to see Rebecca as I had terrible tinnitus. When I had my session it was at its worst, with a loud roaring noise and reverbing in my head, 24/7 – I found it very disturbing and thought I may never recover – and I felt very low.

After just one session I can now report that I am feeling very much back to my old confident, happy self  – hallelujah!!  I still have tinnitus, but it is very mild in comparison and I only hear it when the room is very quiet, but I am managing to habitualize it quite well and it is very manageable now!

Thanks for your help and support – it clearly worked!”*

Claire – Watford, Hertfordshire

RT, Watford, Contacted The Mindset Clinic to  help her son lose his  fear of flying 

“Rebecca did an excellent job helping my 9 year old son to overcome his anxiety when traveling on a plane. He used to be severely travel sick and used to dread our frequent trips abroad. The last 3 journeys after seeing Rebecca have been really positive. He used techniques that he was taught on the plane and talked them through with us. He was so proud after every successful flight and so were we. We can’t thank Rebecca enough, she did an amazing job!”*

 RT, Watford

Jenny, Hertfordshire, wanted help with her son’s bedwetting

“We found Rebecca to be very understanding about the issues surrounding our son’s problem and she was always so kind and encouraging. She was always very prepared and well informed and over several sessions she really helped increase his self-belief. Rebecca has given us invaluable advice and support and we wish her every success in her hypnotherapy business. Highly recommended!”*

Jenny, Hertfordshire


FL, Abbots Langley, contacted The Mindset Clinic to help her son with sleep problems

“My son, aged 10, saw Rebecca for sleeping difficulties – he was waking several times every night in an agitated state, “looking” for something or someone. After some weeks, he became worried about actually going to sleep because he knew he would wake up and that made everything even more difficult. We had run out of ideas of how to help him. Rebecca spent some time asking me about the nature of my son’s sleeping/waking pattern and other triggers I thought it might be. After that, she spent some time with my son talking about how sleep works, gently asking him if there was anything he was worrying about, and whether that could be a trigger and how to deal with it, then she taught him some techniques to feel relaxed so that sleep would follow. Rebecca also taught him some techniques in case he woke in the night so that he could get himself back to sleep again. Following the initial session, Rebecca asked my son to call her in a week to tell her how he had been getting on. From then on my son slept through the night – I was the one waking, expecting him to wake! My son followed the techniques every night and now he has regained good sleeping patterns. It is great to know we can deal with this kind of problem should it recur. Thank you Rebecca for getting us all back to sleep.”*

FL, Abbots Langley


Emily, Watford – overcame anxiety

“I found the sessions with Rebecca excellent. She made me feel at ease straight away and week by week after using the techniques she taught me I noticed I was able to manage my anxiety. After trying numerous ways to help control my anxiety I found my sessions with her by far the best and it gave me a greater understanding of how my mind works.”*

Emily, Watford, Hertfordshire


Beth, Flaunden aged 12 – came to see us as she was anxious about friendship issues

“I was feeling anxious about friendship issues and school in general. Rebecca came to help me and we talked through some things with my mum in the room like just regular background knowledge – it was nice to talk to someone about how I was feeling and get to the root causes. Rebecca was very friendly and talked to me about ways to help. Then we did some exercises to help control my nervousness and help me feel more positive. They were quick and easy things to do to help control stress which I still use at school sometimes today. A few weeks passed by, and the situation improved drastically. I believe that a different mind-set Rebecca taught me to use contributed to this.”*

Beth, Hertfordshire


Emma, Watford – wanted help with a decision about her career

“I went to see Rebecca as I had come to a crossroad in my life and the option of a different career path was made available, but I was having difficulty deciding whether to try something new. In one session with Rebecca I was able to explore my options with confidence and she helped me with changing any negatives perspectives I had to a positives and gave myself confidence to leave my ‘comfort zone’ and try something new. With thanks to Rebecca it was the best decision I made.”*

Emma, Watford, Hertfordshire


Gemma, Hemel Hempstead – Gemma’s teenage daughter wanted help with anxiety

“My daughter has always suffered with anxiety and I was pretty much at the end of my tether as to how to help her.  We had one session which lasted about an hour and a half. I stayed in the room whilst Rebecca asked my daughter lots of questions and came up with some simple exercises to help her handle how her mind ran away with what seemed to me crazy thoughts!  Rebecca was really caring and had a caring manner – nothing my daughter said seemed silly to Rebecca.  My daughter seemed to calm down and was able to cope with the friendship issues and anxiety that she was experiencing. She seems able to deal with the frustrations of daily life and has not experienced these anxious feelings since. She absolutely loves her school and has a great circle of friends now much to my delight. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who wanted to gain an understanding of how to deal with feelings of anxiousness.”*

Gemma, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire


I.T, Hampshire wanted to resolve her Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“I’ve been dealing with an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for more than 10 years. I had a few sessions with Rebecca and a lot of things have changed for good for me. I’ve realised the connections between my eating habits and my emotions and how they affect my IBS. As a result of our sessions I was able to start and keep a diet and as a result I’ve managed to lose 25kg in 8 months (from BMI 33 to BMI 23.4). The positive life changes I’ve made, and the ease with which I have been able to implement them is amazing. The results amazed me and blow my mind every day! Rebecca is warm, intelligent, compassionate and wise. Working with her has been a truly profound, life-altering experience. If you’re hesitating, just go for it. Your life will be changed for the better!”*

I.T, Hampshire


Jenny, Chorleywood – wanted to feel calmer about facing major heart surgery

“Just wanted to say a very big thank you for helping me prepare for my recent surgery. You guided me to a very calm place where I could face the reality of what I was facing without the fear and left me in a position to help those around me to deal with it bravely too. My husband has commented to many people that it was the calmest I have ever been!”*

Jenny, Chorleywood


P.R, Abbots Langley – had problems sleeping but had no idea why

“I had been having trouble sleeping and so went to see The Mindset Clinic to try out an alternative solution to get to the root of the problem as opposed to just being prescribed sleeping tablets by my GP. After a couple of sessions with Rebecca my sleeping improved greatly and I was able to get to sleep without any problems. Since seeing Rebecca I have been getting a good 8 hours sleep every night! The difference this has made has been amazing and I no longer feel tired all the time!”*

P.R, Abbots Langley


S.S., Hemel Hempstead  – lost her confidence

“I was feeling overwhelmed with certain situations at home and at work and it got to a point where I was distracted and I lost my confidence which affected my abilities. Rebecca genuinely helped me to understand I can be in control of my emotions and introduced me to some techniques to regain my lost confidence. The advice was actually quite profound as it involved me changing my mind-set in things as simple as the way I described my problem or the impact I felt from other people’s actions. I began to feel empowered and made a change in how I was handling situations. I now approach all challenging situations with a more considered thought process. I would definitely 100% recommend Rebecca as that one session made a big difference to me”.*


S.S . Hemel Hempstead

K .W., St Albans – wanted to get his career back on track

“Rebecca at the Mindset Clinic really helped get myself and my career back on track. As a creative Freelancer life can sometimes be tough. Not enough work, knock backs and missing out on those big jobs you long for. After a while you can get very disillusioned with the way your career is going, frustrated, lack confidence and you cannot see where everything is going wrong. Rebecca refocused my aims and goals, helped break down the barriers that had built up over the years that were stopping me fulfilling my full potential. She “unlocked” my inner confidence, self belief and self worth that were always there but had over the years slowly been chipped away at. If you have a similar problem then I cannot recommend Rebecca and the Mindset Clinic highly enough. Just after a couple of sessions I felt re-energised and really able to get on with the things needed to get my career back on track”.*

K.W., St Albans

Ian, Rickmansworth – wanted to become a non-smoker

“When I booked my stop smoking session at The Mindset Clinic there was a part of me that didn’t want it to work as I really enjoyed smoking but Rebecca identified why that was and we were able to get me to move on and I’m really grateful to her for that. In just one session I went from smoking 20-25 cigarettes a day to becoming a non-smoker. It still blows my mind how this stuff works but it does!!  I can now get more work done as I’m not always nipping out for a fag break which ironically has meant that I get on so much better with my boss who I found a bit of a stress head and was the reason I was always popping outside to try and escape from her! Thanks again, plus you’ve saved me a fortune!”.*

Ian, Rickmansworth

M.E. Watford – had a severe phobia around having blood test 

I chose The Mindset Clinic because I was reassured by the amount of pre-session work that is put into making the appointment as detailed and tailored to your problem as possible. This allowed me to feel very comfortable with the session taking place, and I knew more what to expect. As part of this, I had a phone call with Rebecca days before my appointment. She is happy to answer any questions or worries you may have, so the whole hypnotherapy session can be completely focused on solving your fear. It was a very professional approach, and I feel that the session was a lot more effective because of it.

My biggest fear before partaking in hypnotherapy was the worry that I would not be able to be hypnotized as it was very odd to imagine it being possible. However the experience was not like I expected, as when it happens you are completely self-aware and in control, however you do feel very calm and heavy when it happens – it isn’t like how hypnotherapy is portrayed on TV. I was also worried that I would come across like my fears were stupid and feel embarrassed, however Rebecca is extremely professional and understanding towards anything that is said.

I believe the treatment for my phobia of having blood taken was so effective as not only was the action of having blood taken addressed, but also the sequence of events leading up to it which can also cause anxiety. This meant that not only was I able to handle blood being taken, I could also use techniques that Rebecca teaches to create feelings of calm during the build-up and learn how to strengthen this even more for the future.

I can now have blood taken without the urge to escape from the situation or having a panic attack. I had a blood test 2 days after my hypnotherapy session, and the difference between that and my previous experience was huge. Although having blood taken is never going to be a nice or fun experience for anyone, the aim isn’t to make it your favourite thing ever, but learn that you can handle anything you want to and control any irrational feelings. I can now have blood taken and actually consider giving blood in the future without feelings of extreme fear and anxiety – before the hypnotherapy if I was told I needed a blood test I would feel scared the moment I was told to the moment it happened, but now I see it as more of a ‘non-event’.

I would definitely recommend the Mindset Clinic to anyone with a fear, phobia, or any kind of behaviour which they want changed. In fact I already have! I would tell them that it is definitely worth a go, a lot of people can be quite cynical which is understandable, I was little bit myself, but there can only be positive effects from having the experience, whether it’s baby steps towards the goal you want to achieve, or a complete change in your behaviour in one session like I experienced myself.*

 M.E Watford


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