How can mindfulness help you?

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Mindfulness is very fashionable at the moment but it’s a form of meditation that has been practiced for thousands of years.  A great deal of recent scientific research shows mindfulness meditation can benefit us in a number of ways hence the interest.

Mindfulness for stress management

When we are stressed we release hormones and our body goes into the “fight or flight response”. Our breathing becomes more rapid and our blood pressure increases. If we spend too much time in the “flight or fight response” we can become ill. Mindfulness meditation has been shown scientifically to help activate the “rest and digest” part of our brain. Our breathing and heart rate slows down, our blood pressure drops and we enter into the relaxation response. This helps our bodies restore hormonal balance and restorative repair work begins. Mindfulness benefits our health and well-being.

Mindfulness changes brain activity

Mindfulness meditation can help people to feel less stressed and more emotionally balanced.

Neuroscientists have found that the amygdala, the part of the brain that triggers fear and anxiety, is less active when people practice mindfulness. People who experience chronic anxiety have a very active amygdala but when they meditate this part of the brain relaxes. Brain imaging scans have shown that the area of the brain that regulates emotions and reduces stress, the prefrontal cortex, increases activity making mindfulness meditation great for stress management. At The Mindset Clinic we use mindfulness hypnotherapy to supercharge the activity in the prefrontal cortex resulting in instant stress relief.*

Mindfulness hypnotherapy*

Experiencing mindfulness hypnotherapy means you can remain ever present in the process; so you are aware of exactly how you are feeling and what is going on whilst you are given hypnotic suggestions. This is particularly useful when dealing with past traumas or upsetting events as you are able to differentiate the past from the present and be able to see past traumas with a different perspective rather than getting embroiled in the emotions of the memory. This approach is a very safe way to explore upsetting memories and discover new helpful learnings.

The process can help you become aware that everything you need to change is already within you. Using mindfulness you can start to become aware of your inner wisdom using your intuition. For some people this can be a little esoteric whilst others love the revelations that a mindful approach to life brings. The Mindset Clinic skilfully adjusts the technique to suit each individual client so whatever your beliefs you could gain from the experience.

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