Solutions Focused Therapy*

Solutions Focused Therapy

The Mindset Clinic in Watford, Hertfordshire use a Solutions Focused approach to therapy.

As the name suggests, Solutions Focused Therapy is future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problem that a client seeks therapy for.

The goal driven model is a hallmark of The Mindset Clinic Solutions Focused approach and success

All clients have a degree of knowledge about what will make their problem better, they may need some help in achieving their goal but intrinsically they will know how they will feel or would like to feel and what will be different when the problem has gone.

Solutions Focused Therapy helps a client move forward rather than get locked in the past.  Using self-pity and navel gazing approaches to solving problems will not shift a client out of their problem. In fact they are known to make the problem worse which is why The Mindset Clinic takes a different approach to therapy and coaching.

Try this quick experiment now for yourself.

  • Think of a problem that you have.
  • Now imagine going to sleep and waking up in the morning with your problem miraculously having disappeared.
  • What will be the first thing that you will notice that confirms that the miracle took place and the problem has truly disappeared?
  • How will you feel different?
  • What will you do differently as a result of your problem having disappeared?
  • What will be the reaction of others now that your problem has disappeared?

Compare the feeling that you got when you answered the questions above to the feeling you get when asked:

  • So, tell me about your problem?
  • What does it feel like to have your problem?
  • What does your problem prevent you from doing?
  • How long have you had your problem?”

Let’s stop now before you get too engrossed in doing your problem!

Hopefully that quick test will have given you an insight into the positivity you can experience when you use a Solutions Focused approach.

At The Mindset Clinic we use a blend of different techniques like hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, mindfulness, CBT combined with a Solutions Focused approach to help clients achieve transformation and long lasting change.

If you would like to find out more please email or call 07803 603 882.

Solutions Focused Therapy gets results

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