Post traumatic stress disorder*

Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at The Mindset Clinic in Watford, Herts and London.

People suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) live in constant fear of sights, sounds, smells, triggering an attack of a traumatic event. When someone has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the part of the brain that stores the traumatic events as memories and the part of the brain that triggers the fight or flight response lose communication with one another. This causes the person to react as if the events are happening for real right here and now.  This is incredibly distressing for those experiencing the attack and those watching as they feel unable to help.

Understanding how the brain processes trauma

The Mindset Clinic uses a range of very powerful techniques for the treatment of PTSD that get the brain to reprocess the memory of the event, remove it from the part of the brain that makes a person believe, feel and behave like the event is happening to them now and moves it to the part of the brain that stores memories. This prevents the flashbacks from occurring. It may then be possible to recall the event but the emotion connected with the flashbacks will be diluted and neutralised. We aim to deactivate the triggers that cause your brain to react negatively to the stimulus, so that they may no longer bother you. Once we have done that we deal with range of emotions that are connected with the event.*

 If you are also suffering from Nightmares, Depression and Anxiety or any other problems we can develop a treatment plan to assist you with these too, although many people find that once the traumatic memory has been dealt with they start to feel the benefits in many areas of their lives. Of course results do vary from person to person so like any psychological therapy we are unable to guarantee results.

AFClarge1 The Mindset Clinic recognise and pledge support to the Armed Forces Covenant. We offer a reduced rate to treat personnel who are suffering PTSD as a result of their service to the Armed Forces and we extend this to those working in the Fire, Police and Ambulance services too.It is possible to treat PTSD many years after the event so please get
in touch if you are suffering the debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Call Rebecca on 07803 603 882 or email

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