Therapy For Generalised Anxiety Disorder

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Therapy For Generalised Anxiety Disorder, GAD- The Mindset Clinic in Watford, Hertfordshire.

“For nearly a decade I battled with severe anxiety. I wanted to understand how I wasn’t getting better. In my search for finding a way to manage my anxiety I discovered the techniques that I now use to help others. I was so amazed that I retrained and set up The Mindset Clinic. I know all too well what its like to suffer the debilitating effects of anxiety and my treatment plans are based upon what helped me and many others”.*  Rebecca Sanderson

Treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

If you are suffering with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, or GAD as it is often called, you are most likely to have been feeling anxious for some time. People with Generalised Anxiety Disorder tend to feel uneasy most of the time and worry about a wide range of situations rather than something specific.

Its likely that you will feel anxious most days and find it difficult to focus on specific tasks. The thought of relaxing is often uncomfortable and you may find it difficult to switch off.

Your head will be full of thoughts and just as one thing is resolved you tend to find something else to worry about.

This can lead to feeling exhausted and in turn can cause a weakened immune system making you prone to illness.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder does not tend to resolve itself. Left untreated, Generalised Anxiety Disorder tends to get worse over time.

What is the best treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder, GAD?

Medication and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is widely recommended by many health practitioners. However, at The Mindset Clinic we treat Generalised Anxiety Disorder with the combined use of hypnotherapy and NLP. We do use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) however we have found that it is more effective to use a hypnotherapeutic approach first, to neutralise the underlying cause of the anxiety. Once this has been achieved then techniques can be taught to cognitively (or consciously) address the issue.*

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Unresolved anxiety can lead to depression, phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD.

Anxiety Specialstist - Rebecca Sanderson

Director of The Mindset Clinic


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