Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Flying Phobia or A Fear of Flying affects 1 in 10

Being afraid of flying or having a flying phobia is very common. We treat many people using hypnosis for fear of flying at The Mindset Clinic in Watford and London.

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Some people suffering with fear of flying tend to be frightened of losing control. This could be because they are worried that they will embarrass themselves in front of other passengers by breaking down and becoming hysterical or because they have to hand control over to someone else to fly the plane. For others, the fear is associated with external factors such as air turbulence, bad weather or a fault with the aeroplane.

Fear of Flying

Leave your fear of flying at home

What Is A Phobia Of Flying?

phobia of flying or flight anxiety can be an irrational fear that prevents so many people from travelling and enjoying holidays with friends and family. It becomes a bigger issue when fear of flying starts to affect business trips and can impact someone’s job prospects or career path.

Many people treat the symptoms of a fear of flying phobia with medication or alcohol instead of the cause. Others are so scared that they will not board an aircraft or go anywhere near an airport for fear of losing control and having a panic attack.

Having a fear of flying is more than being a little anxious. It can affect people in different ways. The fear can start before the flight, perhaps even at the suggestion of booking a holiday. For others the anxiety sets in during packing or on the way to the airport. Whilst others only experience it during take-off and landing. For some air turbulence is the trigger for an anxiety attack. Panic attacks, heart palpitations, anger, nausea and crying are common with people with a flying phobia.

Sadly many people don’t seek help for their fear of flying in Watford, London or anywhere else and start to let the anxiety control their lives. The fear can be so great that they let their fear of flying dominate their lives for many years before getting help.

What Causes A fear Of Flying?

Like all fear and phobias fear of flying or air turbulence is not based on logic. Fear is controlled by our feelings and our feelings our controlled by our subconscious mind. Fear is a conditioned response to a trigger. Sometimes we can consciously remember what the trigger was and sometimes we can’t. However, the subconscious mind always remembers and it thinks its acting in our best interest by reminding us that we don’t like something when it activates a phobic response. This is why some people are unable to explain why they are so scared of flying.

Rational explanations about air safety rarely work to convince someone with a fear of flying phobia because the fear is not based on rational fear. It is a fear that is deep within the subconscious and telling someone to snap out of it or to stop being stupid is not going to help a nervous or panicky flyer.

Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying

Hypnotherapy for overcoming a fear of flying phobia is very effective. The reason why hypnotherapy is so effective for the treatment of phobias, fear and anxiety is because it connects with the subconscious part of the brain where the fear is stored. The role of the hypnotherapist is to gently re-educate the subconscious to no longer fear flying. Phobias like flying can usually be released within one to two sessions.

People who have suffered many years of upset and anxiety over flying are surprised at how quickly the treatment works when they see an experienced hypnotherapist. One of the most frequent comments we hear is “If I’d have known it was going to be this easy I would have done it years ago”! (Disclaimer – We can not guarantee results as each client is different).

It is very common for people with a phobia to mistakenly believe that it will be hard or difficult to free themselves of their worries. The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy for the treatment of phobias is that it’s a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Become A Confident Flyer

Become a confident flyer

Become a confident flyer

Are you dreading a trip abroad? Would you like to be a confident flyer and look forward to the trip?

If you or someone you know has a fear of flying or suffers air turbulence anxiety and wants to become a confident flyer then get in contact with The Mindset Clinic in Watford. Rebecca Sanderson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner and has helped lots of people with anxiety and phobias to solve their problems. See testimonials from the many confident fliers we have helped.

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The Mindset Clinic in Watford and London helps people release their fear of flying.

By Rebecca Sanderson – Director of The Mindset Clinic

12th April 2016